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Smooch is an online dating community dedicated to helping singles form relationships and find love.

The most common issues with Smooch are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers. Miranda B. describes her experience with Smooch as “An awful experience all round in a review she wrote for SITEJABBER: "An awful experience all round. There are parts of their site does not load properly. They have taken money from my account and claimed it was never paid, I even spoke to my Bank (fraud department) who tell me I have paid.They have not apologised after I have given them some of my card details plus other info asked for( I am not a complete fool here!)What an unprofessional site, staff... do NOT use even if it is free!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Smooch full-time Cons: Working here has taught me a lot about my potentials - and most importantly, it taught me the feeling of drinking poison willingly. *The entire startup culture vibe that they try to show to the outside world, couldn't be less true and SO FAKE that its nauseous. *Everything about this place revolves around developers, from pay to treatment -everything. *It's a super depressing place to work at, if being unhappy is on your list, then this is definitely your place (although I'll ask, why would you?) *Deadly quiet - You can actually hear the clock ticking - its SO SO quiet. They actually bring in neighbors and relatives on special days to make it look crowded. *They constantly talk about breaking silos, tries to make company events and instill startup vibes, but the entire structure to the core operates like that of a corporate and hence fails to achieve any of startup culture at all. *Personally, I felt like, my job description did not at all reflect with what I was actually entitled to do, and it seemed like quite a normal thing here where you are expected to accept something like this and act like this is how its supposed to be. *I was scared of my supervisor, and scared isn't a feeling I was accustomed of before working here and I'm glad I left, because nothing's worth that feeling of being miserable every single day, where everything is so fake."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Smooch full-time Cons: Super quiet office almost like a graveyard. It's a very social and awkward group. If you are a developer I'm sure you will like it here as you will get your butt kissed. If you aren't a developer prepare to be unappreciated and expect a low salary. Very cliquey herd of devs. If you are lucky and meet a dev in the office that chose to not work remote that day, approach slowly as you may scare them off, attempt a smile to show that you are friendly and say "Hello". They may respond back. If you are lucky it might turn to a conversation about weather. There is a complaint about work silos but everyone still socializes within their department and rarely outside of that."

Robert Lowell says

"Free options don't work. Paid options are even worse: you just expose yourself to lots of scammers and unstoppable pop ups for porn. I use now. I checked into the credibility of this site and heard many positive unbiased reviews. So far it's like Tinder feels for a woman: I'm getting lots of attention from women and I love it. Had two dates so far and liked both ladies. Now I'm stuggling with deleting my Smooch account since it wasn't helpful to me, moreover it was really disappointing experience meeting lots of scammers. They made it quite difficult and time-taking process."

Stephen Morgan says

"This dating site is very expensive especially when you got people just sending you stupid messages. Only positive thing is, Idid complain and they gave a 25% discount off my subscription."

Chloe Brown says

"In all honesty I would give zero stars if I could. This site is full of predators, scammers, sex pests and men who think I should be grateful for an obscene message. I have demanded a full refund as I wasn’t even on there for a week. Under the consumer credit act, you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period where you can cancel and get a full refund. I would not recommend this dating site to anyone. I received a full refund."

Chris says

"Smooch is a rip off. Full of pop up ads for porn. Intros sent from members who did not consent to such to be sent. Scammers galore. Not sure who did their geography homework for them but they should ask for their money back. Why in the hell do they think people from hundreds of miles away are ever going to build a relationship. Seriously do not use this site. It's an absolute disgrace"

Ann Kepple says

"This site is really bad I can get into the site and I am to get customer service number but it wont give it to me I want to unsubscribe and it wont let me can anyone help me please"

Malcolm Jolliffe says

"Most strange! Had lots of views messages etc, took out a months subscription and since then absolutely nothing. Any comments?"

Darren Millen says

"Hi have been a non paying member for some years, and I recently upgraded too a paying member..But just has I was getting to know a female member, Smooch decide to change their website..And now my membership details have disappeared and my email address is banned ...I had 830 credits at the time this happened..I have emailed smooch and asked them to fix the problem which they have created..I received an email saying asking me to click on a link which took me to the New smooch dating platform..The same thing happened or my details don't exist anymore..Had no apology whatsoever..And no offer of a refund..In fact from recieving daily messages from smooch..I now get nothing..They finally got money from me and now erased my details and banned my email address...Totally feel ripped off .."

Mysterious Lady says

"Full of glitches and not letting you send messages and happy to take your money then removes your VIP status. ALSO ladies, stay away from COUCHESCURTAINS who is Garry McHugh from Trinity Avenue Cardonald. He has multiple women on the go at the one time whilst having a girlfriend and a son. He's also been spreading STDs around on his travels. He is a compulsive liar, persistent pest and for some reason the girlfriend contacts these ladies and gives them abuse for shagging her man in his wee bolt hole which is actually his Sister's flat. Anyway, I don't rate this site very highly due to the calibre of the people on it. There are more reviews elsewhere regarding Garry so be warned!"

Adrian Branch says

"Obvious scam. Within a couple of hours of signing up you have several messages from women. Any bloke on a dating site knows this simply does not happen in real life, not to blokes. When you try to reply, of course, you have to pay. they must think we're stupid."

Barbi says

"Do not order your bikinis here! Total scam!! Ordered 2 bikinis, they never came"

Billy Baggins says

"I report about 10-15 scamming accounts on there each time i log in, nothing whatsoever is ever done about those accounts, it's almost like the admin is non existent, all i ever see online are women up to 30 years older than me despite customising the search etc, supposed to get 5 free messages to send per day as a non VIP member, i cannot even send one message, the scamming accounts literally haunt you every few minutes that you're online, stay away people this site really is the pits, it littered with bugs too, that freezes chat, doesn't send messages and other things, i can't believe they actually expect people to pay full VIP membership for this dross!"

Mr richard searle says

"Influx of multiple fakes profiles and prostitutes seeking business, absolute crap, steer well clear people"

Paul Metcalfe says

"Not many good ratings on here, apart from one who says they have been on here for 9 months and basically happy. Nine months and still looking?"

Bob Curran RE says

"Honestly they say this: "Senior Smooch is the place to be for mature singles looking for friendship and romance. Our free service is the place to be if you're looking to join the local " I couldnt believe the amount of Russians who fancied old me!! They ask you to email them@google or whatever. I was paying £29 for a month,when it is supposedly FREE except if you are male. NEVER EVER Again!!!"

Lynne says

"I am so upset. I found my friends partner on Smooch and when I contacted Smooch they didn't care that I was upset and he was in a relationship. Apparently he was on Smooch before he met my friend and he isn't even VIP but they couldn't give a damn about his partner. Do not touch this site unless you want a sleezy person, a cheat, a scam artist or to be the third person in a relationship."

Charlotte Stennings says

"WON A COMPETITION with this company 6 months ago, NEVER RECEIVED MY ITEM! they have the worst customer service I have ever delt with they told me that it got lost so they sent another NEVER RECEIVED this one either and then they don't reply to emails Definitely would not recommend to anyone"

Penelope Wilson says

"TOO Far AWAY ,I constantly get messages , " likes" , " introductions, from men MILES away. One recent one says Shropshire is near me- I am in Cornwall !! Is there any way Smooch can highlight where I live? otherwise it seems the men don't look at where one lives, or have NO idea of geography!!"

Trev Willis says

"I joined Smooch in early January 2018. The site tagline says it's free to start a conversation, OH NO IT ISN'T. I created a profile but the site refused to send any FREE messages saying I had to pay to be a VIP member to message anyone. I complained to customer service about their misleading tagline and they did diddly squat about it! So, I had stumped up to join for a month it was only £5.00 under a special offer. I contacted many ladies and had others contact me. So much so that after 2 weeks I was in contact with about 12 women. However getting just 1 woman to do what she says and not mess me about is another story. In my opinion Smooch is just like many other dating sites. 1. It's littered with women who all think George Clooney is about to fall from the heavens and whisk them away. 2. There are many women who have no intention of ever going on a date and who's only agenda is to sit on the site for free mucking blokes about 3. The site is NOT free for men. 4. If you find a woman who actually does what she says then good luck. 5. I've no doubt that the site is also littered with blokes who are married or who want to use it as a vehicle for talking dirty or sending photo's of their gentleman's parts. 6. It's full of African scammers so beware, they are easy to spot though.. The first message nearly always contains an email address and is from a non British person with a poor grasp of English. Do report them as one of the few things the Smooch admin actually do is delete their profiles."

hellen fernie says

"Met a guy of it curtains no couch woman beware of this man gary McHugh says is 45 single .stays in Glasgow cardonald.goes missing for days says working actually has a missus tracy in hepburn .sleeps with numerous woman especially a lucy and sister.picks up std tells missus tracy was me innocent lassie when he was having sex with the lucy and sister.and how many other numerous woman.i was verbally abused by the tracy mcintosh he luves with few days a week.he has drink and drugs problem and problem keeping manhood out of other womans vaginas when meant to be with a compulsive liar"

anne forrest says

"ive been on here a few years and still havnt met anyone ?? all the men seen to live in the south There are very few men who live nearby.I also think that the site should be free for women then you would get more men signing up.I liked the old site was much more easier to navigate and if you didnt want to upgrade then you dont have to.sometimes through ilness or just being too busy you would still have the messages so you can still keep in contact but now messages get deleted everything which was free on the old smooch is now payable this is why more of you customers are going using different methods of comunication like skype / facebook / msn so really you are losing business to other servers because your overcharging.ive met quite a few men where we live too far apart but after your upgrade i have lost them all so i dont feel the same about your companyif i was you id go back to the old smooch your just getting too greedy you have enough advertises so bring the old smooch back or make females free !!!"

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